Relocating to UNSW

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is committed to attracting and retaining high quality staff. Consequently, it will endeavour to source candidates from a wide field, both interstate and internationally. Candidates who are offered a position at UNSW may be eligible for relocation assistance, which will help to ensure that their move to take up employment with UNSW is as smooth as possible.
These guidelines apply to all new appointees to the University and current UNSW staff who have been offered a new position with the University, and who are required to relocate in order to take up that position.
Relocation assistance is not an entitlement, and if provided, is not intended to cover all costs associated with relocating to UNSW. The amount of relocation assistance provided, if any, will be negotiated at the time of finalising the letter of offer and will be confirmed in writing to the appointee by their Human Resources Representative, in the form of a Relocation Agreement.


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