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Kane Murdoch

Senior Student Integrity Adviser
Student Integrity Unit

As a Senior Student Integrity Adviser, I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping students experiencing problems through university. Not everyone flies easily through helping those who don’t is something I find rewarding about my role. I’ve always liked the basic aims of universities, and find that I can feel satisfied that I make a difference here, which is sometimes difficult to achieve in the private sector or govt. My managers have been enormously supportive of me as an individual, and to my team broadly, encouraging us all to identify and seek out training opportunities, and putting their money where their mouth is in terms of supporting the actual training (time and budget).

Shashma Bonnet

Web Content Coordinator
UNSW Arts & Social Sciences

I have been working in marketing and communications since I graduated from university. I really enjoy working in a university environment – it’s a dynamic and lively place to work that attracts people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Working at UNSW, you get the variety and excitement of working for a large organisation while enjoying the sense of enrichment that comes from knowing you are supporting world class education and research. I enjoy being able to work with a range of professional and academic staff across the Faculty – our website is a powerful communication tool and I can provide the tools to help people recognise that potential.

Dr Hank Haeusler

Discipline Director, Computational Design & Senior Lecturer
UNSW Built Environment

Prior to coming to UNSW, I was an architect in Germany and a researcher at other Australian universities. I chose to work at UNSW as it is a top international university with great research strength and an international network to collaborate on interesting projects. UNSW sets itself apart from other universities due to the great support team I received here when working on projects and teaching, starting from the student admin centre to the research support in the faculty. Further UNSW is a very international university and thus my colleagues as much as our students come from all over the world and contribute to a very exciting mix.

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Our best at their best

Our Energy Future

Our Energy Future

The UNSW Tyree Energy Technologies Building (TETB) accommodates and showcases state-of-the-art and leading edge research in clean energy including photovoltaics, carbon capture and storage.

From Tigger's to Milford House, with love

From Tigger's to Milford House, with love

This video looks at the benefits of bringing together the very young and the very old, and how better planning of our built environment could make for a happier, more healthy living environment for all.

Case for space - The need for an Australian space program

Case for space

Australia relies on a whole lot of critical data from its friendly neighbours. But what if the planned new satellites from the US and Europe aren't getting off the ground? Can we afford to be a freeloader any longer? There are clever low-cost ways for Australia to develop a space program.