Our Values in Action

Our Values in Action were developed as a way to live our values in our everyday actions.

We know that being your best at UNSW is not only about what you achieve through your skills and expertise; it’s also about how you interact with colleagues, students and the community whilst working towards those achievements. It’s not just what we do, but how we do it. Our Values in Action were developed as a way to live our Values in our everyday actions. They provide a guiding definition and support to discuss expectations with a positive, recognition-based intent. These actions influence how we can best work together to reach our full potential and achieve the goals of the 2025 Strategy.

We approached a few of our people at the Kensington campus and asked what the Values in Action meant to them.

Where did our Values in Action come from?

In 2016, we sent a survey to 6000 staff asking people what they think are the most important behaviours to help us achieve our goals and the 2025 Strategy. The responses were combined with thought leadership, such as the World Economic Forum’s ‘Top 10 Skills for 2020’. We further refined these key ideas through consultation with working groups and steering committees, resulting in the five behaviours which form our Values in Action.

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