At UNSW, you can work in an environment where you’re constantly surrounded by inspiration, no matter what your position. You will feel motivated by the talent and passion of colleagues and students, as throughout UNSW there is always a buzz of energy from people doing great things.

Across all our campuses, we embrace a strong sense of community and inclusion with a commitment to ongoing sustainability. We are set up to work seamlessly across different technology platforms that enable collaboration and productivity remotely and virtually. Discover what makes our campuses a vibrant work environment, unique from the every-day office space.

UNSW Sydney’s main campus and UNSW Art & Design campus are both located in the eastern suburbs. You can get here easily on public transport, by car, or bike.

  • There is plenty of parking on-site for staff available at a small fortnightly salary deduction.
  • We are well serviced by public transport both to and from the University, with bus, light rail and express services available.
  • There is a dedicated cycle path from Central station to the Kensington campus. You can use any of the 1000 bike parking spots, multiple shower facilities and water bubblers, or request access to the Barker Street Bike Store (secure parking and lockers).

Onsite parking is available to UNSW Canberra staff free of charge, with numerous locations for convenience and ease.

We know university campuses can be hard to navigate at times – so you can plan your visit or find an exact location on our campus maps. We also have accessible maps and parking information for members of the UNSW community living with a variety of disabilities.

Our aim is to make the working, learning and teaching experience welcoming and inclusive, and the University’s built and digital environment accessible to all staff and students experiencing disability-related to physical or mental health. This includes accessible websites, which can be understood by everyone from within any browser or assistive technology and ensuing new builds.

To enable everyone to feel fulfilled and actively contribute, we accommodate specific needs through reasonable adjustments, including more flexible work practices. Our Reasonable Adjustment Guidelines are designed to help staff navigate the reasonable adjustment process and assist managers to support current and prospective staff with a visible and non-visible disability.

You can read more at Disability Inclusion at UNSW, including personal stories from UNSW staff, Reasonable Adjustments Guidelines and our Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

UNSW is buzzing with activity, where great minds come together to share thought leadership and solve grand challenges. You can become involved in a range of physical and virtual events combining Art & Culture, Media, Engineering, Science, Technology and more. For more information go to UNSW Events.

The UNSW Centre for Ideas presents a thought-provoking program of events and digital content from the globe's leading thinkers.  Off the cuff and unfiltered, live talks are where you hear the content you can’t Google. As we grapple with questions surrounding climate change, technological disruption and global politics, a program which provides a platform for public debate and the sharing of knowledge, that is also open to everyone, is crucial. 


An exclusive Lounge for staff and alumni to engage, meet, socialise and dine. Invite your guests, friends and partners to enjoy our contemporary and unique campus dining experience. Come along for coffee, breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, lunch, dinner, or a cocktail during Social Hour.

With multiple event spaces and monthly à la carte menus created from the freshest, seasonal and best quality produce from local markets, farms and suppliers. The Lounge is the perfect way to finish the day taking in the views and catching the sunset on the outdoor deck…


Experience convenience on campus with a wide range of retail and food outlets to enjoy. We have banks, bars, cafes, and convenience stores on campus, and major shopping and medical precincts within walking distance. With our campuses built around our natural leafy environment, you can enjoy a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor spaces to socialise and collaborate.

We understand the power of lifelong learning. As a staff member, we encourage you to engage with our UNSW library via free access to an extensive resource collection, including physical and online academic journals and other costly subscriptions.

UNSW is committed to protecting its staff, students, contractors and visitors from all hazards including second-hand smoke. For this reason, UNSW campuses are entirely smoke-free, aligning to our own world-leading health education and research. You can find more information in our best practice policy to encourage healthy behaviour by students and staff and designated smoking areas.