We pride ourselves on our educational excellence as a University and it only continues with your employment. We believe in lifelong learning throughout your career to help reach your professional development goals.  

At UNSW, our career pathways start with a myCareer discussion. This is a regular conversation you’ll have with your leader about your career aspirations and development. The myCareer model enables you to plan, take action and reflect on your learning. It enables us to better partner with you in setting and achieving your professional goals throughout your career at UNSW.

To support that conversation, there are a range of other pathways such as the academic promotion process and our internal and external jobs board.  We also offer development to our staff to help them best navigate the opportunities available at UNSW, including support for leaders.


For All

Progress your career by taking advantage of the many learning and development opportunities available to you.

We are passionate about delivering ‘the right learning for right now’, mapped to the skills of the future to enable lifelong career success.

UNSW Staff Learning Portal

We have a dedicated learning portal as part of our intranet offering for you to discover and access the latest learning across UNSW.

LinkedIn Learning Subscription

There are many online learning opportunities to develop your personal & professional skills, covering a vast range of topics from professional developing to special hobbies or interests.

Courses and Programs Discount

Apply for a generous 50% discount on tuition fees for UNSW courses and degrees relevant to your role.


Get access to confidential coaching and support for all aspects of your life – physical, mental, social, professional and financial. Arrange to meet a Converge Consultant face-to-face, onsite at the Kensington or Canberra campuses, via phone, or online LiveChat.

Study & Examination Leave

Access the time you need to accomplish your formal development goals. Professional staff can request study leave if it has direct relevance to their position. For each hour of class contact, staff can take half an hour of study leave (capped at 4 hours per week) and time off may be possible for exams.


For Academics

We know that no two academic careers look the same here. At UNSW, you have the opportunity to carve out your own path.

We value teaching and research and support you to focus on either path, while Scientia fellowships and PhD scholarships offer unprecedented support to accelerate your research career.

UNSW Researcher Development

Gain access to award-winning development opportunities and resources for UNSW researchers at all stages of their career. This includes Extend Your Career – a dedicated career development program for academics. It focuses on identifying and providing access to the right development opportunities, including programs, events, networks and much more.

Education-focused roles

UNSW’s unique Education-focused (EF) career model is centred on recognising, rewarding and developing academics who make a vital contribution to the delivery of outstanding educational outcomes for our students and the broader community. We provide specialised EF roles to enable academics to devote their time to delivering high-quality teaching and pursuing initiatives to enhance the educational experience of our students. Those who are appointed to this influential pathway will be expected to lead educational excellence within the university’s teaching and learning communities. The EF community is in turn supported by specialised grants and fellowships, communities of practice and professional development opportunities.  

Find out more about an EF career

Academic promotion process

There are ongoing opportunities to challenge yourself and advance your career through our annual promotion process. Academic staff who demonstrate sustained excellence in research, education, social engagement, global impact and leadership can apply for promotion at UNSW. There are four main Academic promotion rounds from Lecturer through to Professor and we have a program of support in place to guide you through the required steps.